Steps to finding a good wedding photographer




Your wedding will be incomplete if you don’t have a wedding photographer. We will tell you how to find a good photographer and what things to look out for.


  • Judge the photographer on the kind of candid photos he clicks. Posed photos are not a lot of work, it’s about how he captures the moment and frames it without being an obstacle in it that shows his real skills.


  • If you prefer classic portraits, go with a professional who specializes in them. They are the traditional wedding photographers. There is a ground for creativity in this area too, apart from the formal posed photographs, you can be clicked in front of mountains holding hands on a dirt road or the likes of this.


  • The fine-art style gives the shooter a lot of margin to infuse their own creativity in the photographs. Usually the object is in focus and the background appears to be blur. The appearance of the photograph is dreamier.


  • The Edgy-bold style is the unconventional way of clicking photographs. The frame could be tilted and instead if the couple there might be a candle in the foreground.


  • Start your search by reading reviews from recent brides and browsing hundreds of local listings. Carefully review potential photographers’ websites and blogs to check out photos of other weddings they’ve shot, which will give you an idea of their style.


  • Set up interviews with the wedding photographers and go through their previous works. Check out the full albums and decide who to hire as your photographer.


  • Make sure you and the photographer’s personalities match. That is the only way your thoughts would be interpreted in the way you want them to be.


These are some steps to help you find the perfect wedding photographer for the day of your wedding


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