Struggles that photographers face



Apart from the major headache of clicking Facebook profile pictures for their friends, photographers do face real struggles in their life. Which are-

  • The cameras cost a ton! And a good lens is even costlier than a camera. This makes a person restricted to a specific type of photography only as he/she needs different lenses for different genres of photography and it is very costly to have a good and varied collection of lenses.
  • A photographer improves as he gains experience, and for experience you need opportunities, but good opportunities are given to only those who already have experience. So, a person is always stuck in this cycle.


3) India lacks in good photography institutes which teach the young crowd how, when, and where to click good photos.

4) Between abundance of random pages on facebook and instagram and on any social media platforms, the actual good photographers fail to get their talent recognized.

5) Editing and touch ups are now pre requisites for a good photographer, so one has to learn photoshop and how to work in light room to be considered a good photographer.

6) Photography is still considered a hobby more than a profession in India and people interested in it are not encouraged by the people around them. They are still pushed towards a normal 9-5 job.






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